Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is a scene from the first book of my published book series, The Chronicles of Midgard, the characters are Ril and Maeja.

The woman did not hesitate to notice that his eyes drifted to the gold ring adorning her left hand. "Ah...treasure. How could I have so easily forgotten." Maeja sighed, pulling Draupnir off her finger and stepped towards him. "Is that ALL that interests you? Treasure?"

"Tch. Once again, must I remind you that I am a pirate?" drawled Ril, running a hand through his violet tipped platinum hair.

Maeja scoffed and grabbed his hand, dropping Draupnir on his open palm. "Must I remind you that you placed that very mage gun to my head in the attempt of gaining Draupnir?" she remarked, her eyes flickering to the gun at his hip.

"An idle threat."

~a scene from chapter 13 of "Falls the Shadow"

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