Friday, May 11, 2012


Here we have Ril's mage gun from my book series, The Chronicles of Midgard. This gun fire different types of energy cryst bullets which, as described in the first book, are quite dangerous to make and thus the mage gun is not only extremely rare, but nearly impossible to find ammunition for, unless you have a right connections, as Ril does being a pirate of his caliber. Currently unnamed in the currently released books, Falls the Shadow and Melody of the Dark, in book three it shall be named Eisa. As of book two, Melody of the Dark, only two types of bullets have been mentioned: silver blue ones he normally uses, and black ones that pulse with a crimson glow and can be quite explosive.

Please bear in mind that I mostly focus on drawing people, so this is my first attempt ever at a gun, let alone one of the magical fantasy type. So, if you could draw a more awesome one, feel free to do so and share it with me! :D

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