Monday, November 25, 2013

Writer's Block: The Lingering Curse

I was asked once to do an article about writing. This is what I came up with, though I do not know if the article was ever used or not:

While I have always found it easy to write about worlds and characters that I can envision in my mind, I suddenly found myself at a loss when asked to write about writing. For days I sat with my laptop, watching the cursor blinking before me. I would start typing something, and then quickly began hitting the backspace button. I would type again and then once more found my finger hitting backspace.

Yes, I found I suffered from a terrible affliction that every writer faces at least once: writer’s block. We all have our ways of dealing with it; denial, the destruction of innocent paper, procrastination, and sobbing among a few things…yes there is definitely sobbing involved.  You find yourself hitting backspace, typing, deleting, and repeating over and over in a horrible cycle that you fear will never end. It can be quite terrible when your imaginary friends stop talking to you.

When I find writers block lurking before me, I try and distract myself with other things, such as drawing the characters from my book with the hopes that drawing them will get me back into the flow of things. In truth, one character in particular from my current book series, The Chronicles of Midgard, has the tendency to not only drive me into writers block, but also taunt me in my dreams: Ril. He is by far the hardest character for me to write, yet has become one of the most loved by the readers. He is arrogant, cocky, sometimes a comedian, and other times downright cold. He was meant to be a secondary character, but has managed to worm his way into the main group.

Sometimes drawing doesn’t even help with writers block. It is during those times I lose hours upon hours playing a video game. I’ll sit down with the intention of only playing for an hour or so, enough time to distract me from writing, but the next thing I know the sun is going down and my son is getting ready for bed. My husband likes to pick on me for the all the hours I can manage to lose myself in a virtual world.

Writers block can indeed be a terrible thing which has no cure. It will always be there, watching from the shadows, waiting to strike at any moment. The best words that I can offer in dealing with writers block are: don’t let it get to you. If your invisible friends refuse to talk to you, ignore them and work on something else. They’ll get jealous that your attention is no longer on them and before you know it, your inspiration will have returned.

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