Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As this blog transitions from being a makeshift website into an actual blog, I thought I would share some thoughts. (I plan on using this blog, once the website is up and running, as a way to express the challenges face by a "part-time" author, as well as sharing random artwork and other musings).

Being a part-time author as well as part-time retail worker and full time wife and mother, I often find myself getting into writing slumps pretty often. I don't have a proper writing space, just a chair in the living room beside a table in which all my book notes are kept. Although I know I should go to another room in the house for at least an hour for some uninterrupted writing time, I feel as if I would in turn be ignoring my husband and son. And so I find myself easily distracted. Lately my distractions center around Minecraft, which we bough our son not too long ago. It is a curse because I will lose hours to it building stuff, but in a sense I can see where it could possibly be beneficial. I can essentially build a house or even entire town that my characters could visit. It could serve as a visual to aid in describing where they are. All in all, I will need to figure out a happy medium, I suppose.

Sitting down today, I realized that I have far too many projects that I want to work on. I have an entire journal dedicated to new novel ideas that I want to write. However, I realize that I have two important projects that require my attention foremost. The third Priestess Trilogy book still needs to have its revisions made so that it can be re-released and the third installment of the Chronicles of Midgard really needs to be worked on. I started it on December 24, 2011 and now, two and a half years later, it continues to sit on the second chapter awaiting completion.

Upon realizing this, I opened the file to work on, although I have been interrupted numerous times in my thought process by my husband and son. I would like fans of the series (and of Ril in particular, lol), to know that I will be working on it again intermittently alongside Eclipse, book three of The Priestess Trilogy. The series has not been forgotten, but will also not be ready for release this year as I had previously hoped. 

Once my new website is up and running, the tabs at the top of the page for the books will disappear, but I will have a link to the website itself for easy access to my books. I hope everyone looks forward to the blog post that come soon and enjoy that little bit of randomness that may ensue!

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  1. I understand not wanting to leave the room to write. I have a whole office, but I already spend so much time at work or doing schoolwork that I feel like I shouldn't leave the room to write too. So I try to stay up late or get up early to write, which hardly ever works out! It can be a difficult balance!