Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wait...I want more!

Ferran's Map (The Cat's Eye Chronicles #4)

by T.L. Shreffler 

"The bloodmage Volcrian is dead, but a new enemy lurks in the shadows. The Shade, a fanatical cult of demonic assassins, is trying to resurrect the Dark God and unleash His power back into the world. In their wake, a deadly plague is spreading across the land.

Sora and her companions are the only ones who know of the plague’s true source. As the disease spreads, Sora must journey to the City of Crowns to retrieve The Book of the Named, her only hope of stopping The Shade. She and her companions arrive just in time for the winter solstice festival, a notorious two-weeks of fine wines, grand parties and legendary debauchery. Sora must don the guise of a noblewoman and infiltrate the First Tier nobility to stop The Shade before it’s too late.
Meanwhile, the assassin Crash is confronted by a ghost from his past. As he uncovers more of the Shade’s plot, he finds himself face-to-face with his old Grandmaster. Can Crash lay to rest his past, or will he succumb to his inner demon and rejoin the man who once made him a killer?"

Another great installment of the Cat's Eye Chronicles indeed and wonderfully written. I'll admit I bought this the day it was released on Kindle. You get to experience a bit more of Soda and Crash's relationship and experience more exciting danger. I must say that Ferran is growing on me and I have a new found curiosity to see further interactions between Sora and Lord Gracen Seabourne. I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the series!


  1. Yay! I picked this up on the release day as well, but I've got two read-for-reviews plus Falls The Shadow to read first. :) Too many good books is a wonderful problem!