Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Venus in Red Review

Venus in Red 

by Therin Knite

"Grayson Dynamics, led by the illustrious Mick Grayson, is the most powerful technology firm in the world. But underneath the fame and fortune exists a dark and dirty history. Corruption. Lies. Betrayal.
Now, a woman with a grudge intends to wipe clean that filthy slate—by killing the CEO who wronged her years ago and ending the global coup he’s been planning for years.

And how will she accomplish this? With her newly acquired neural enhancements, of course. Complete with the power to manipulate the minds of others."

Although a short and quick read, Venus in Red is full of action with never a dull moment. Ms. Knite does well leaving the main character unnamed until the very last moment. I really like that. While reading Venus in Red I couldn't help but wonder what the MC had gone through that pushed her to that point. It all came to light and the ending wraps everything up nicely. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this character in the future.

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