Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Fresh Look!

Since the first book of the Chronicles of Midgard series, Falls the Shadow, was published, it lacked a crisp map. The original, admittedly, was drawn up on paper with pen, shaded with pencil, scanned into the computer and...yes, I admit to doing something terrible...lettering was added through MS Paint. The sizing was off, so the map always appeared rather small and blurry in both print forms, and pretty much completely unreadable in ebook versions.
A few days ago, I sat down with my drawing tablet and began working on a digital map with more proper sizing and nicely drawn lines and more easily read, crisper letting. I am very proud to show the new, updated map that will be featured in the third installment of the series, Opening of Lost Doors.
While the exact release date of Opening of Lost Doors is still undetermined, I am hoping for an early winter release. Until then, enjoy these little kiddish drawing of the main crew!

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