Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Glimpse into the Midlands

As Opening of Lost Doors draws closer to being released, I thought I would give you a glimpse into the world of Midgard and the Midlands in which the series takes place. Pinterest is an awesome source for finding pictures that fit the general themes and feel of the Chronicles of Midgard. First lets take a glance at the official world map. I spent hours working on this, making it a nice crisp and clean so that it was a beautiful replacement for the old map featured in the first two books.

Now, being that the Chronicles of Midgard has a strong Norse influence, may of the pictures I tend to pin on Pinterest are heavily Norse themed, although not all of them. 

Opening of Lost Doors will take place in the bitterly cold, snow covered mountains of the Midlands where Ostegard stands sleeping, waiting for a Valkyrie to come and wake it.

First off, lets look at Ril's airship, The Sacred Hart. I describe it as bearing the appearance of the long ships of old--yet it has great sails that extend out from the side and it held aloft by energy cryst powered levistones. Finding pictures of an airship that meets that description is awfully difficult, but I did manage to find this awesome one which is as close as I've gotten. :) 

It's a pretty nice looking airship, isn't it? This stunning artwork by Artozi on deviantART is far better than any I could ever do. while it isn't an exact representation of The Sacred Hart, it's a pretty darn good idea on how to picture the airship.

The Chronicles of Midgard centers around Mæja and the strange alliances she makes with a pirate, his accomplice, and two roguish rebels as they try and stop the Shilykan Empire from freeing the dark god Loki from his prison and bringing about a second Ragnarök, which would devastate the Midlands.

Mæja comes from the Vigird plain where the first Ragnarök took place. It is one of the areas most heavily influenced by Norse myth. Such is reflected in the clothing that Mæja typically wears. When she is first introduced, she is described wearing a "pinafore-like tunic with oval broaches securing the straps over a tawny colored dress tunic." 

Her clothing would be heavily embroidered with rich patterns and vibrant colors, especially when she was in her position as Jarl Woden's daughter. However, after the Empire seized control of Vigrid, her clothing was more toned down so that she could blend in easier with the townsfolk.
There are two main people who stand in the way of Mæja and crew, one of which is Severus Valine, eldest living son of the Emperor of Shilyka. He's ambitious and a military genius. His motives center around his younger brother Alistair. Severus is willing to do anything and everything to keep blood from staining his brother's hands.

The other is Ilivarra Vicyrr, Queen of the cavern city of Azrith and one of the Dökkálfar race. She is cruel and manipulative, even had the Emperor under her thumb. While the Shilykan Empire aspires to release Loki and harness the power another Ragnarök would bring, Ilivarra has much higher goals: ones that involve Asgard itself, home to the gods.

To make matters worse, Ilivarra's three daughters, Ayla, Verda, and Sha'uri, are as equally cunning and deadly as their mother. 

However, House Vicyrr maintains its rule by remaining in favor of the Council of Elders. Should Ilivarra or her daughters displease the council in any manner, they risk losing their position and their House.


As the series progresses, Mæja and crew will gather many allies who also seek to prevent another Ragnarök. Among those they have already is Amena Evenwood, the Lady of High Wood. Gifted with the sight of the Nornir, Amena will do all she can to help Mæja and crew achieve their goals, even if it means destroying her neutral stance in matters of war.

While her role has been fairly minimal in the series so far,
she will take a much larger part in the fourth installment. until then, her Knight Commander, Gorrowen Thaedras, will act in her Lady's name in the upcoming book, Opening of Lost Doors.


Another ally on Mæja's side is the Dvergar lord of Brightstone, Tiny Krövekks. Stout and stubborn, Tiny openly ends his alliance with the Shilykan Empire to side with Mæja and the Wolves of Odin.

The third book will also introduce Tiny's daughter, Eloen. I don't want to spoil anything involving her so I will just say that I hope fans take a liking to her.


In Opening of Lost Doors, Mæja will fully begin her 
role as a Valkyrie and face many trials, some of which dangerous while others emotional. 

 Time is running out to find the treasures of the gods and stop Ragnarök...Hel's army is ravaging parts of the Midlands, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

What more, wargs have infested the High Wood and the great serpent Jormungand continues to torment the seas.

Continue to follow Mæja and crew as they fight to protect the Midlands in Opening of Lost Doors, coming this winter!

Want to see more pictures like these? Check out my full Pinterest board!

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