Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cover Reveal!

The treasure hunt continues in the snowy mountains of Midgard
with Opening of Lost Doors, The Chronicles of Midgard #3!

In the snow covered mountains, Odin's spear lies within a forgotten slumbering city...
Mæja and her crew must find the relics of the gods before the Empire does, but acquiring Odin's spear will be no simple task. First they must escape from the Empire's capital city, then travel deep into the icy mountains, to a dangerous, trap-filled labyrinth beneath the fabled Shrine of Ages. Here, Odin's spear remains securely hidden in the long forgotten palace of Ostegard. Mæja must first prove her worth as a Valkyrie before the city will wake and the gates open. Only then will she be able to lay her hands upon the spear.
With an army of walking corpses ravaging parts of the Midlands and the great serpent Jormungand tormenting the seas, Mæja and crew are running out of time.

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Release from Kate Squires!

Romance author Kate Squires has just released her latest novel, Tracing Hearts. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon Kindle for only $1.99 until November 30th! Grab your copy today!

Paired together as childhood pen pals, Sebastian Vaughn and Julia Bessette grow up writing back and forth. Even though they live worlds apart, their lives intersect in ways that no one could ever imagine. 

As young adults, their paths initially cross, when a concerned Sebastian pays heartbroken Julia a surprise visit. The two spend only a few short days together, but the spark is undeniable. However, tragedy comes in all forms, and soon they're separated. 

Fast forward a few years, and fate finds Army Captain Vaughn in a dangerous situation, where he’s forced to go into hiding. Out of desperation and a primal need to be near her, he unintentionally drags Julia into his treacherous world. Feeling responsible, he vows to protect her above all else, but will the cost be too high? 

Meanwhile, Julia willingly goes on the run with Sebastian, sacrificing her way of life, and her safety, for the man she hopes is the one. She worries about his rejection, but more so than that, she worries about never again feeling the way she feels when she’s with him. Can the couple make it out alive? Can they find each other in the process, or will it all be too much to bear?

Kate Squires was born and raised in Ohio where she still resides with her husband and children. She has always loved writing, but never, ever thought her life would lead to sitting in front of her laptop for hours on end creating stories other people would read some day. Kate has dabbled in all sorts of odd jobs ranging from dog groomer to dance instructor and even a chicken farmer, but her true passion is creating characters out of thin air and making them do her bidding. 

Currently, her list of published works are, That Kiss, its sequel, That Promise, I Will Catch You, and most recently released, Tracing Hearts! 

Visit her website for more information about her books and upcoming events. 

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Monday, November 9, 2015

So Amazon Opened a Bookstore...

I recently learned that Amazon opened a brick and mortar books store (from I find this pretty intriguing and really cool, especially since they said that in-store prices will be the same as online. The store opened in Seattle on November 2nd. I wish I could go and see it myself. One thing that intrigued me greatly was this:
 Amazon says that it won't entirely be doing things like a traditional store, however; it'll be relying on data — including customer ratings, sales totals, and Goodread's popularity — to decide which books to stock.
This is a very good reason why I say that reviews are very important to an author. It helps potential new readers decide if they want to buy a book or not. They look at star ratings. They read peoples thoughts on the book. And then they decide. This applies even more so with this pretty cool thing that Amazon is doing now.

So I ask, If you have enjoyed any of my books, would you please consider taking the time to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads? For an indie author like me, reviews and word-of-mouth are the most important ways to spread the word about my work and introduce new readers to my books. But I need your help! So, if you liked it, please tell your friends. Thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you. Your support and encouragement mean so much!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Limited Time Promo!

In honor of The Priestess Trilogy being on tour with Girls Heart Books Tours, Defiance (book 1) will be FREE on Amazon Kindle from November 2nd through November 6th! 

Inspired by the culture, history and lore of ancient Ireland, the Priestess Trilogy will sweep you into a village on the brink of war as seen through the eyes of Shiovra, a young woman destined for greater purpose. As the branches of her family tree turn to battlelines and friends turn to enemies in a bid to control the land of Éire, she is forced to learn how to balance love and duty, honor and justice, wisdom and heartache.

As her story unfolds, Shiovra stands as witness to a world that has lost its way, and, with the help of her sworn protector Odhrán, must find a way to steer them back from self destruction. 

Grab your free promo copy before its gone!