Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thoughts and Art Feature

I have always though it would be really cool to see my books adapted into comic/graphic novel format. It would be totally awesome, actually. I tried myself a while ago, but let's face it. There is no way I can do them alone. People are my strong point, anything else such as backgrounds, animals, buildings, etc. I am terrible with. Some authors want to get movie producers interested in the books. I just want to see it in colorful comic form. Perhaps it's the artist part of me that likes the idea, or perhaps it's because I'm terrified a movie producer would change too much of my story line for my liking.  I don't know. I know and follow some downright amazing artists and think seeing my books in comic book format would be awesome. 

I've done a few of my own little chibi type comics, but even then, I stopped doing them after a while. Of course, when I did those, I hardly had any background to them and they were also done completely traditional with pen and colored pencil and then scanned onto the computer...
What I would love to see would be any of my series in full color comic form. Not really the Japanese chibi style, I did that just for fun. I have seen some amazing art styles but some equally amazing artists. Be it comics or just plain old art, these artists are some of my favorite! (click on the images to go to the original posting of the art and check out what else these talented artists have to offer!) I wish I could get to their level of awesomeness!


 hchan, creator of Dream*Scar webcomic