Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Will Catch You Review

I Will Catch You

by Kate Squires

From the author of That Kiss, and That Promise, comes another tale of romance and excitement!
Sydney Baxter likes her independence. She’s strong willed, determined, and well aware that her judgment, pertaining to men, cannot be trusted.
When she meets a very sexy Ryan Underwood, she instantly becomes mesmerized. Unable or unwilling to shake her fascination with him, she sets out on a course that could possibly leave her vulnerable…again.
From uncertainty, to volatile situations, many obstacles stand in the way of her road to happiness, but Sydney’s past is the biggest one.
Is Ryan’s seemingly nice-guy image genuine? Can she trust him, or will he leave her even more damaged? Despite their ups and downs, can Ryan show her he’s not like all the rest?
First off, let me say that I normally don't read strictly romance novels. They've never really interested me. However, I was seduced by the cover of this book and just had to at least give it a try. I did enjoy the book. Sydney's past and her reactions to Ryan kept me interested in the story. It's written in first person and the writing style is greatly different than other novels I've read in the same perspective. There was only two times I had to re-read a paragraph just to make sure I read it correctly. At one point I found myself rooting for John more than Ryan, hehe.

Spoilers below
I'm an animal lover to the point that be it real life, movie, or even a book, I get upset when anything happens to good animals. So what happened with Sequoia had me balling. I kept saying "Save her, dang it!"

One thing that did bug me was when, despite the obviously dangerous abusive past Sydney had with Keith, it surprised me tremendously that she would decline offered help and security. More than once. If I had been her, I would have agreed without a second thought.
End Spoilers

All in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance.

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