Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tales From Haran Review

Tales From Haran

by Elin V. Pettersson

 "Emotions - we all have them. Some wreak havoc in our minds and cripple our bodies. Other bring us to tears of joy, and make the seemingly impossible, possible."

Tales from Haran is a fantasy flash fiction compilation set in the world of Haran'utariƫ - a broken world that was once destroyed, but refused to die.
Follow the elves, humans and other beings of this world as they experience heartbreaking grief, attraction, enthusiasm and much more through 21 short stories.

This was my first time ever reading flash fiction and I must say I loved it! It was a quick read and highly interesting. Each little tale stood well on it's own and was pretty intriguing, pulling you in and making you want to know more, but not offering enough that their shortness made you upset it was over. I quite enjoyed this author's writing style as well and look forward to hopefully being able to read more of Pettersson's writing in the future.

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