Monday, May 2, 2016

Random Blog Post of Randomness!

So, yeah. I might have neglected my blog here for over a month now. I know, I know. It was a terrible thing for me to do. My reason? Well, there are a few, but the biggest one being that I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. Sure, I've posted here and there on my facebook and twitter, but not much aside from that. I even neglected my tumblr

I know, right? Me, the author who more than once has gone online to look something up and then three hours later found herself on tumblr, wondering how the heck she got there. 

Well, I can say that I have been pretty busy on the book writing and plotting end. I'm a few months into the next installment of the Chronicles of Midgard series, Breach of Neutrality. It's strange, really, to know that the series is almost at it's end. There will only be one more book after this upcoming one. It's sad, I know. The characters have grown on me, some more than others. And I know of at least three readers who will be devastated when the series does come to a close.

However, there is some light! I have also been working on a new secret project for a new series. It will be a dark fantasy with high magic and, I hope, more along the epic side. I have noticed that the books in the Chronicles of Midgard have not ended up being quite as long as I would have liked. So, it is my hope that this new series (hopefully making its appearance late this year), will be more along the epic side of fantasy in its length. I'm also trying something new with that series. While the Chronicles of Midgard has an immense collection of characters, several of which get their own POV page time, I want to cut back on the confusion of switching between so many heads with this new series. The story will only be told between two characters POV's: Noora and Gracen. Now, as the new series draws closer to it's release, I will share more about it. Until then, I'm just teasing you with the knowledge that its coming! 

I know, that's cruel of me, but I'm extremely excited about it and I hope that you will be too! Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. I'll have to think of a better blog post for the next update. Feel free to make suggestions in comments below, or even on my facebook/twitter!

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