Sunday, July 31, 2016

Event Pictures ~ River City Book Bash

The River City Book Bash went well. I got to meet some wonderful people, readers and authors alike. The venue the event was held at was the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky in the Riverside Room (right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio). I must say that the event runner, Christy Pritchard, did a wonderful job and I look forward to taking part again!
My table was by the windows, which was a wonderful spot except for taking pictures, lol! Author Mysti Parker got some amazing pictures if you'dlike to check them out: Mysti's event pictures.

Fantasy Author Intisar Khanani  and myself.

Between the lights overhead and window behind me, it was difficult to get good pictures of my table.

View from the Riverside room when the staff opened the blinds.

You can see Cincinnati, Ohio across the river quite well.
Before the event ended, I made my rounds around the tables and had my bag signed by all the author authors as a wonderful momento of the event.

The day before the event, my husband and I had the chance to hang out with friend and fellow fantasy author Intisar Khanani and her family. We got lost a few times in Cincinnati (why, oh why are there so many one way streets and highways/ramps to confuse the GPS?). I managed to get some beautiful pictures both wandering around lost and from the Purple People Bridge.
Purple People Bridge

Purple People Bridge

Lost in Cincinnati

Coal barge on river from the Purple People Bridge

Stunning shot of Cincinnati from the Purple People Bridge

Another stunning shot of Cincinnati from the Purple People Bridge

As my husband and I were driving down through Ohio, I decided to check the weather as it looked like there was rain in the distance. I decided the weather thought it was being funny and just had to take a screen shot of the smiley storm clusters.
Once the event was over, my husband and I packed up and began the lovely four hour drive from Newport, Kentucky back all the way up through Ohio back toward Cleveland. Our view along 71 North was pretty much this:
Corn. Everywhere corn.
The occasional town and corn.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

River City Book Bash

When: Saturday, July 30th, 11 am - 3 pm
Where: Newport Aquarium in the Riverside Room
              1 Aquarium Way
              Newport, Kentucky 41071

About: I will be one of the authors participating in the River City Book Bash in Newport, Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio) at the Newport Aquarium. General Admission is FREE and a RCBB 2016 bag will be provided to collect books purchased and swag in.I will have print copies of all my current books available as well as some free swag to take with you--bookmarks, key chains, buttons, and necklaces.

Attending Authors: Heather Adkins * Holli Anderson * C.J. Baty * JQ Beron * Jason Blayne * Shyla Colt * Marissa Dobson * Ren Garcia * Debra Gaskill * Meghan Hill * Courtney Houston * Janine Infante Bosco * Jillian Jacobs * Abigail Lee Justice * Katorah Kenway * Intisar Khanani * Jennifer Lane * Cherie Marks * Gwen Mason * Julie Mishler * Morgan Jane Mitchell * Mysti Parker * Susan Renee * Patricia Rose * Caitlyn Sabatino * Melissa Sasina * Shay Savage * Catherine Scott * G.L. Skye * Crystal Spears * Layla Stevens * Clint Thurmon * Melissa Toppen * Mia Villano * Susan Ward * Jessica Wilde

Learn more about the River City Book Bash at: 

Would you like me to participate in an event, live appearance or online? Let me know!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Painful Truth of Character Injuries

The characters in the Chronicles of Midgard have come a long way. They've faced many trials and have manged to get through them all with at most some minor injuries. Now, as the forth book in the series, Breach of Neutrality, progresses along, I find that I am faced with a dilemma. After all Maeja, Connor, Linkyn, Ril, and Mjrn have been through, it isn't entirely believable that they'll keep getting along with only some scrapes and bruises. The threat is increasing, the danger more prominent now than ever. I started writing a scene yesterday that I realized would turn out badly for one character in particular. There would be a life changing injury. At first I considered rewriting the whole scene, as said injury was not initially intended. Yet, after great debate, I decided to continue it as it was turning out. It would be growth for the character, having to deal with such a life changing event as well as growing stronger from it.

As the author, I feel terrible doing this to him. Many authors hate to harm their precious creations, though I know of a few who couldn't care less how many fall. However, it is unbelievable that at this stage in the story, everything would go by smoothly without problem. And so I regretfully decided to continue with the scene as it was turning out.

So I say this to the character, as well as my readers who might find him their favorite: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

But, on a lighter note, I'm not George R.R. Martin. I don't go off slaughtering characters left and right. While I probably should kill more off than I actually do, I refuse to go to that extent.