Thursday, April 27, 2017

Return to Lan Darr Review

Return to Lan Darr

by Anderson Atlas

"Surviving Lan Darr not only changed Allan’s life, it rocked him to his core. On Earth, he’s simply a boy in a wheelchair who got lost in the woods, but across the Hubbu connected planetary system, Allan is a hero. He must find a way back there, alone if need be.

Returning to Lan Darr might just kill him. Though he’s learned the hard way that Allan Westerfield does not die easily.

Back on Earth, Allan’s uncle and his best friend race after Allan without an inkling of how deadly Hubbu travel can be. Chaos ensues, spawning disorder, confusion and panic as the travelers end up on different worlds at different times and face extreme ecosystems, mysterious enemies and push the clock of death to the absolute breaking point.

The second book of the Heroes of Distant Planet Series cranks up the excitement, the mystery and even the humor. A perfect and inspiring Young Adult Fantasy Action Adventure for 12 and up."

***This review was written by my husband***

I like the inclusion of a disabled character. 2nd in the series, gladly kept reading the tale.
It still gets a star for character development, and one for the plot and world building.
Another star for unique critters. Not an elf, dwarf, or "Human except blue" to be seen.
I like the inclusion of the disabled character, and an early on scene where he thinks about it.

Only lost a star because there are a few times the writing gets rough. I didn't have to stop and try to figure out what was meant, the meaning was generally clear, but the clunky wording in a few spots made me fall out of my suspension of disbelief.

Another note to the author, like in your first books review:
A gun with a slide, you pull the slide back to chamber a round, this will also eject a round if one is already chambered. Most of them you can still cock the hammer, only a few I've seen are hammerless. Cocking back the slide was one of those scenes that broke immersion in the story.
I'm no gun nut but I'd gladly talk guns for a bit and share what I know.