Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Antagonists Review

The Antagonists

by Burgandi Rakoska

Minerva Banks' entire life has been one large battle. When she was younger, she had wanted to harness her fighting skills by joining The Quartet - New Quartz City's finest superhero team. She had been young. Her head had been filled with dreams. Now she's a graduate student with a head filled with anxieties. And yet, there's still a small part of her that longs to join The Quartet. Then again, as the old saying goes, one shouldn't meet their heroes. It's not long before Minerva Banks finds herself in a battle that has existed since the Era of Merlin, a battle to survive, a battle to prove herself...

 The Antagonist introduces us to Minnie, a black woman with Spina bifida. All she wants to do is be of use to her heroes, but once she meets them face to face, she learns something most unfortunate about them. (I won't go into details, because spoilers).

A small bit of backstory first: I first discovered this book through posts shared on tumblr. After my husband also found it and read it, he kept suggesting it to me. I finally broke down and decided to read it. And wow, what a nice and refreshing read. We have the wonderful Minnie who, despite so much being against her, is indeed a strong woman and I can already see her getting much stronger and more confident with herself as this series continues. I actually bought books two and three immediately after reading the first. (I even forgot my husband and I can share books on our kindles, so now we have double the copies). While I do think the adults act a bit like teenagers sometimes, I quickly decided that Victor was my favorite character. He and Minnie are truly adorable.

My only qualm with the book is the overuse of the characters names, especially in the first chapter. Every other sentence was "Minnie did this" "Minnie did that" "Minnie this and that". It did get better as the chapters continued on, although that does still need to get worked on a bit.

All in all, The Antagonist features a delightfully strong character, amusing character commentary, and even wizards. what's not to love?

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