Character Art!

Enjoy character artwork done by some pretty awesome artists! Click the pictures to view them larger on the artists DeviantART accounts!

Chronicles of Midgard
Maeja and Ril by Debbie
Amena by Kristina Toxicpanda
Ril by Ari
Amena by DireWolfwere
Ril and Maeja by DireWolfwere
Maeja by Ellen
Amena by Monica Stricker
Ril by DireWolfwere
Amena by Sarah Maxine
Linkyn by Ari
Mjrn by Ray Gardner
Ril by Ray Gardner
Mjrn by Rachel A. Weed
Linkyn by Orion
Ril by J.R. Nau

Sacred Hart by Ray Gardner

Connor and Linkyn by Ellen

 The Priestess Trilogy
Realta Dubh by Monica Stricker

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